Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon

OK, so typically I don't really swoon like a girl even though I am one. Once upon a time in my teenage years, I would cry over a Chicago song or long for a boy who didn't know I existed but since joining adulthood I just don't get that way.


I really don't know what it is about these books and movies. My sisters were reading the books last year and I thought they sounded good. I always like a good vampire story (so far Gary Oldman had been my favorite Dracula) Something about me liking being kissed on the neck makes me crazy for vampires (Angel)

So I read Twilight first, then saw the movie. I went by myself and was engrossed the whole movie. I am a HUGE stickler for reading the book first and really critiquing a movie for not capturing all the key points but Twilight was great. I immediately read the other three and my girlfriends and I have been salivating if you will about New Moon coming out. I was at a scrapbook retreat last weekend , then the holiday so today I made up my mind and while the little one was napping I went.

IT WAS SO GOOD! The place was still packed over a week later and even though I was surrounded by teenage girls tittering and squealing, nothing could tear my eyes from the screen. As soon as I got home I popped on Facebook to compare notes with my girl Nicole!

I am just glad that the next one will be out in June!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little Sad

OK, I know I have blogged about this before but now that it's done I am kind of sad. Owen doesn't have his Binky anymore. I was gone for a girl's scrapbook get-a-way, and the boys stayed with their dad.

According to him, Friday night he never asked for it. Never asked for it Saturday during the day or at Nap time. Bedtime came and he whined for it a little bit but his dad told him he was a big boy and didn't need it anymore. He whined a little more but went to sleep.

Sunday rolled around and I got home about 2:30. He was taking a nap and didn't have it then. Bedtime rolls around and as soon as I laid him in his bed he starts asking for it. If his dad hadn't been standing there I would have caved and ran and found him one. But he just did what he did before and told him he was a big boy and he didn't need it. He eventually laid down but I had to lay in his room until he fell asleep. Every night since has been OK, he kind of whines and we tell him he is a big boy and he agrees. At night he sucks on his top lip in lieu of the Binky.

Most parents would be jumping for joy to get rid of one more piece of baby paraphernalia. But he is my last baby. And he is so cute with that Binky in his mouth. But I have to keep telling myself he is getting bigger, he needs to start talking more, it's better for his teeth.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sometimes when life sucks you just have to focus on happiness. I believe this is what gets me through the day sometimes, focusing on things that do make me happy. Here is my most recent list:

Hearing Owen say Hi mommy when I go to get him out of his crib in the morning
Evan sitting on my lap even though he is getting way too big
My numbers on my scale going down every week
Getting a friend request on Facebook from someone I miss dearly
Qdoba Chicken Taco Salad
New clothes
Catching Gilmore Girls on reruns
A good scary movie
Fuzzy socks
A new book from the library
Playing the Wii with Evan
Watching the boys sitting in a chair together watching cartoons
A coke from Mcdonalds
Starting a new quilt
Singing to Laurie Berkner in the car with the boys
My Ipod on shuffle
Everyone going to bed on time with no crying or whining
Still being warm enough in November to hear the birds chirping and not wearing a coat

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The land of the living

I think we are finally back. Sickness has left our house and we can all breathe again! It started last week with my oldest, he came home last Monday coughing. Spent Tuesday at Daycare on the couch and Wednesday with his dad at the office lying on the couch there.

By that night my baby was pale and running a fever. I spent Thursday home with him feeling progressively worse myself. He wasn't running a fever Friday so I sent him to daycare and went to work. Saturday afternoon we both had fevers again so I took us down to the after hours clinic, not my first choice but what do you do on a Saturday? I was glad I did, it wasn't a bad wait and a very nice doctor was on duty. I have an Upper Respiratory Infection and baby boy had Croup! It was a rough couple days but we made it.

The last of the antibiotics will be consumed tonight and everyone is finally sleeping. the only traces are the lingering coughs and some snot-noses. Now let's hope that was the worst of it until Spring!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It's my favorite Holiday. I am not really sure why because I haven't dressed up for it since maybe high school. I love the decorations, the pumpkins, and my favorite are the scary movies!

Ever since I had kids I love it even more. I have been to every one of Evan's Halloween parties at school and this year was the first year Owen really trick or treated.

The weather turned cold and rainy towards the end of the week and i was afraid it would be to nasty out to take Owen but sometime around 4 it stopped raining and the 40 MPH winds died down. We went through our sitter's neighborhood and they got plenty of candy. It was weird though, ever since all these churches started the Trunk-or -Treat program the neighborhoods are empty. Plus last night there were way more teenagers than I ever imagined. The only reason I ever went trick or treating that old was because I took my sister's so my parent's didn't have to.

We went to Walmart today in hopes of finding next year's costumes half off but alas no finds. I wanted either Woody or Buzz for Owen and they didn't have any big enough. Evan thinks he wants to be either a Clone Trooper or a Vampire next year but none of those either. I tried to talk him into some other costumes but he wasn't feeling it. Maybe another store will have them.

On a side note, even though I love, love, love Candy Corn and those marshmallow pumpkins, I have not bought or consumed any this year. No Halloween candy either. I am in about the fourth week of WW and i gained a pound last week. I blame that on my drinking binge with my girlfriends the week before!