Monday, May 11, 2015

The Mother Load

Hey mamas! I hope you all had a wonderful day! Whether you are a brand new mama or all of your babies are grown I truly hope that you felt the love today.  I did.  Nothing special happened other than we all went to church, the boys kept their bickering to a minimum and mostly did what I asked them to do the first time.  That is enough for me.  I got homemade classroom art and hand picked flowers, Coldstone Creamery and coffee for Mother's Day.  The only thing that would have made it perfect is if I could have been with my own mama.  I saw her last weekend, so I will take what I can get.

How are you feeling about your mothering lately? I am in one of the phases that run between everything is awesome, to me wandering the house muttering to myself.  I really cannot complain because the latter has not been too prevalent as of late. 

Maybe you have had a day like I had Saturday.  In my head the day was going to be great.  I was up early, getting things done and we were going to work in the yard and go to the Farmer's Market and have fun and just a great day.

Here is what actually happened: Kid A spent the night with a friend and came home on three hours of sleep and promptly went back to bed.  OK, fine, I mowed and cleaned and Kid B played with a neighbor boy.  I finally got Kid A out of bed and showered and we headed to the farmers market.  It was crowded and Kid B was being a goofball which immediately annoys his brother who starts pushing him and being a jerk.  All I wanted to do was look around and get a few things and they turned it into a miserable event.  By the time we left and hit the parking lot, I lost my shit.  Completely.  If it was OK to punch your 14 year old son in the face I would have.  I love that kid but there are days I want to knock him out.  The little one would not stop pushing it either so I swatted him and put him in the car crying and hollering.  Good ol' family fun.

Why do our kids do the things they do?  What would possess them to drive us bonkers, push our limits, make us crazy? I know they know we are there.  We tell them.  We warn them, yet they push ahead full well knowing it won't end well for them.

Here is another example of  kids doing things we can't explain or understand.  The other night I took the boys to get their hair cut.  That evening Kid B asked to take a shower instead of a bath. Sure, OK.  He is nearly 8 so I got the water ready and in he got.  I walked past the bathroom every few minutes asking if there was in fact body scrubbing and hair washing happening.  I was assured these things were happening.  When he was done I gave him a towel and he looked at me and said "Mom, I cut my thumb."  Now there is only one way he could have cut his thumb in the shower.  My razor. The razor that is up high.  Where the stuff only mom uses resides.  He cut it pretty bad too.  I got him out bandaged and clothed and it was bedtime.  It wasn't until the next morning I saw the result of the great razor debacle. A three inch chunk of hair.  Why...why...why in the blue blazes would be he take a razor to his head?

He doesn't know why........ Now we get to try and style his hair in a way that it doesn't show until his hair grows back.

So mama's....your kids do things that make you want to cry, scream, question, and go crazy.  They will do things that make you question yours and their sanity.  Just remember the times they make your heart melt and make you proud and I pray it all evens out!