Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

I have two boys.  I am sure if you have read this blog at all, or looked at the picture on the sidebar you know that, but I do.  I love them to pieces.  Big surprise since I am their mother and carried them each for nine months (About two weeks longer for the oldest)  They are funny.  They are loud.  They burp and fart, which they think is hilarious.  They are fascinated with things like Pokemon, Legos, Video games and Nerf Guns.  They torture each other, and in turn me.  They ask me about a zillion questions a day.  They barge in without knocking.  They tattle on each other constantly.  (I have told them that unless someone drops the F Bomb or is bleeding I don't care)  They cannot walk more than five steps without jumping or zig-zagging.  All of these things I love about them.  They are 11 and 4 and if I could I would keep them innocent and sweet forever but I can't.

I would like to shield them from the horrors of the world.  I want them growing up to see the good in people.  To be happy and positive.  But most of all I just want them to be little boys for as long as they can.  I don't let them watch much television outside of cartoons or educational programming.  There are no Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto type video games allowed in my house.  The oldest is only allowed at certain people's houses.  I am a little more lenient with music and books but I still don't let what they read or listen to go by without my approval.   I listen to other kids talk about what they watch on TV and movies they go see and sometimes my oldest will ask me he can't. I know I asked the same question of my parents.  I mean, I am 38 years old and just in the last couple of years saw the R rated version of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  It's not so much the sex and the violence and language (because Mama has a potty mouth) its that there is a whole lifetime of that stuff and I just want them to enjoy being kids. 

My oldest just turned 11 yesterday and I can already see the seeds of rebellion planted.  I know that he hears things at school, probably has a more colorful language than I know of, and if he is creative like I was watches TV shows or movies at other peoples houses.  In two short years he will be in 7th grade, the age I was when I first tasted alcohol, which was purchased by a friends dad.    He takes Sex ed this year in Science class, which should be interesting.  I'll have to make sure and keep any materials he brings home away from the youngest, who would probably take it to preschool. 

I know I can't keep them from the world, but while I can they are going to be kids, and enjoy the the things kids should, which is playing with toys, playing outside and riding bikes.  I know I will have to give up control eventually which terrifies me but for now, sorry boys, you are under my thumb.  Because as we all know......Mama knows it all!!