Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ketchup makes everything taste better!

I am an extremely lucky mama. My two boys have never given me any trouble about eating. I have never been able to understand mothers who have so many struggles getting their children to eat anything other than Chicken Nuggets, or Mac-N-Cheese. When I was growing up we learned to try and eat everything. I don't like tomatoes so no one made me eat them, but I was encouraged to at least try things. My mother never made anything other than what we had for dinner.

My big boy has always liked everything. All his fruits and veggies. Anything I fix. Sure there have been some things he won't eat. He just learned that he does indeed like Rice. Also he likes zucchini and summer squash but not when I fry it crispy in a pan.

My little guy seems to be on that path also. He is 19 months old and will feed himself just fine pretty much whatever I give him. He loves applesauce. He eats it almost every night. One thing I discovered with him is that if he won't eat something right off the bat, I can dip it in his applesauce and he will eat it. The same can be said for Ketchup. We were eating Fries one night and he was eating them plain, so I decided to dip one in ketchup. He loved it. So the next time we ate something that involved Ketchup I just put some on his plate. Wrong move! I set it down in front of him and walked away and the next thing I knew he was eating the ketchup by the spoonful! Now we just dip food for him and he eats it like that. I guess he was thinking it was like his applesauce since he dips food in that too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgon take me away...................

It must just be this week. Actually I think it's been all winter for me but reading other blogs, it's this week. Everyone seems to be in a mood. I know I am and it's not even PMS, it's just me being CRABBY. I am irritated by everything and everyone. OK, I take that back not everyone, just my husband, some people at work, my MIL, and people who cannot drive!

My husband irritates me constantly. This is not one of those blogs where I go on and on about how wonderful he is and our perfect marriage. I am starting to believe that some people who blog are living in their own fantasy world. How is he irritating you ask? Well, for one he is upstairs screwing with all the controls on our new TV while I am trying to watch it. It's a very nice LCD TV and the HD channels come in beautifully. Too bad not all the channels are HD. I have explained to him that some of them aren't as clear because of that but he doesn't listen to me, no, instead he decided to screw with the color and the contrast and the hue and everything else until I got fed up and came down here!

The people at work aren't exactly the people I work with but the people I talk to on the phone. I answer policy and procedure questions for internal clients at the bank I work at. Internal clients means the branches. They don't listen, they don't read their emails, or communications, or directions on anything. Some of them have been there longer than I have been alive! I know it's job security for me but enough is enough sometimes. Especially today when one person kept questioning me about my answer. It was all I could do not to go Eric Cartman on her and scream into the phone "Do not question me, Respect my authoritay!"

My MIL is a different story. I rarely have been irritated with her in the 14 years she has been my MIL. I had been planning to have my big boy's B-day party the Sunday after Easter. Just the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Nothing big this year. I told everyone about it and they all agreed. Now today I find out well this isn't really going to be convenient for her and she talked to my mother about it yesterday and kind of talked her into the idea of having everyone over at Easter to her house and doing the party then.

OK, in theory this is great. We live about two hours away so everyone would have been driving here. Now they just have to drive about 15-20 minutes and we have to go there. It's still irritating. I hate when people pull stuff behind my back. However benign the intentions were, the Monica Gellar in me likes to have control of the situation.

OK, enough griping. I am going to bed and will try and be in a better mood tomorrow. I will try and not let people get to me. Put it in a bubble and blow it away!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to my Nightmare

I have weird vivid dreams every night.

That is just the way I am.

No, I don't eat anything weird before I go to bed. I hardly ever eat after dinner. My whole life I have had dreams that I remember the next day and can even remember some of the dreams/nightmares I have had since I was little.

Most of the time, my dreams are good, or just weird, involving usually my kids, family or co-workers and sometimes involve things that happened to me or I thought of that day.

Then, other times I have the crazy weird dreams, or more like nightmares. They are bothersome and annoying and stay with me through the day. Some I have had over and over just different variations, and some I only seemed to have at certain ages or times in my life.

Here is a list of my top Crazy Dreams/Nightmares:
1. The Work/School Dream, I am either going to school or work and if it's school I walk in and realize that this is the day of the exam, the last day of school, or I have a project that is due and I haven't been there the whole year. If its work I am usually trying to some task and it's going horribly wrong. Most of the time I dream I am waitressing or bartending and I can't serve a drink or make one or find the table something is supposed to go to. The weird part is I was a kick-ass waitress and bartender and those were my favorite jobs.

2. The dream I have where I am trying to lock doors or shut doors and they won't lock. The person I am trying to get away from is right there on the verge of getting to me. The other version of this dream involves me running away and trying to get away and I cannot move.

3. This is not a pleasant one. Twice now, shortly after the birth of each of my boys, I have had a dream that they have died. They both drowned in each dream. There were similarities in each dream and this was a true nightmare. In my dream I am screaming and sobbing at the top of my lungs and when I woke up I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding. Both of these dreams stayed with me for at least a month after I had them and I was terrified something bad was going to happen.

4. The Wedding Nightmares. Right before I got married I started having all these nightmares. I dreamt one night that I was standing in this little room waiting to walk down the aisle and I realized that I didn't have any flowers in my hand, I didn't have a wedding dress on and my sister was walking me down the aisle. Another one was that once I got to the altar the wrong person was standing there. Every once in awhile I have wedding dreams and I am usually marrying someone else in them. Hmmmmm.......

5. The Making out/Sex with Co-workers. Yeah, I have had quite a few of those. The co-workers involved usually would never be my first choice for a fling but in my dreams I have no problem making it happen. A recent one of those involved making out in the elevator when it was stuck which is funny because our elevators have security camera's in them.

There are a ton more. I think I need to start meditating before I go to bed or something. Clear my mind and them maybe my dreams would be a little more mundane, although some of them I enjoy thoroughly.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Facebook is Evil and it must be stopped

Let me tell you a story. It's about a girl and her computer. The girl used her computer daily. She checked her email. Surfed the Web. Sometimes the girl shopped online. Sometimes she played fun word games online. That was about the extent of the relationship between the girl and her computer.

Then one day the girl receives a phone call from her friend Nicole. They are friends from high school who try and talk a few times a year. During the course of conversation , Nicole happens to mention she is on Myspace, and so is their other friend Nicole, and Jenni and whole slew of friends.

Myspace? Really? Isn't that for children and pedophiles? But Nicole sings its praises and says that it's loads of fun and a great way to keep up with everyone.

The girl is skeptical but gives it a try. It turns out to be quite interesting. All of these people who she hasn't heard from in years are there! Then she gets people from work to go to Myspace and it's even better!

Then one day a friend from work tells the girl about Facebook. "It's just like Myspace" says the friend. So the girl checks out Facebook. She signs up. It's OK but not the same. She finds a few people she knows but you can't make your page pretty like Myspace and you can't add music to play , it's just not the same.

The girl logs in occasionally to Facebook but still is all about Myspace. Then one day she finds out that more of her Myspace friends are going to Facebook so she logs in again. Now she finds her Aunt, and some cousins, and some more friends. She starts playing around, seeing people from school and work and oh, that guy from work she crushes on! Well, this Facebook thing might not be a bad thing. Then the girl realizes by complete accident that you can sit there and have live conversations with other people who are online! You can't do that on Myspace.

As the weeks go by Facebook becomes part of her daily life. What's everyone doing today? Hmm let's log into FB and find out. There are places to just say Hi and Drinks to pass and Gardens to grow and all kinds of stuff that makes it very easy to sit on her computer for hours on end when there are millions of other things to be done.

It's too late, the girl is addicted. At this point, unless there is a 10-step program or detox facility of some sort, nothing will help. All that can happen at this point is hoping the girl will come to her senses and just shut off the computer and stop accepting friends. She is now up to 162 and the list grows daily. It's sad really , she used to be very productive, now it's more mesmerizing to see who is up at 3AM and what the cute guy from work is doing.

It's a wonder she has time to blog!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This isn't as easy as I thought it would be.......

So, when I decided I was going to launch this little blog, I just knew that every day I would come out her and add some witty banter or story, some little tidbit about my daily life and my kids. Maybe some compelling topic on which I had a myriad of opinions. (Because I have so many opinions on everything)

Yeah right!

I know I have 20 posts out here but I really wanted to keep this up. Unfortunately, between kids and housework, and regular work,and the fact that my computer is not on the main floor of the house this has been a challenge.

Some of the other blogs I have been following are so awesome and mine is just ho-hum.

But I know I need to keep up with it because I have received some requests on my Facebook Page so I will have something new soon!

Love ya'll

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! Fit!

Oh happy day! I finally got a Wii Fit. Ever since we bought the Wii for Christmas I knew I wanted the Wii Fit. I asked for it for Christmas but my sister couldn't find it. I searched and searched for one but to no avail.

Actually I just never wanted to get out early on a Sunday morning to look if you must know.

Saturday I was out with the boys shopping and decided Oh what the heck and stopped at Target. We dawdled around and finally got back to the Electronics area. I approached the girl and jokingly asked if they had anymore Wii's. She said YES, they had one more. They got five in that day and I got the last one! Hooray!

Now my goal is to get on it every day. That with my little pep pill the doctor gave me and not eating so much and look out, Hot Heather will be back baby!