Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! Fit!

Oh happy day! I finally got a Wii Fit. Ever since we bought the Wii for Christmas I knew I wanted the Wii Fit. I asked for it for Christmas but my sister couldn't find it. I searched and searched for one but to no avail.

Actually I just never wanted to get out early on a Sunday morning to look if you must know.

Saturday I was out with the boys shopping and decided Oh what the heck and stopped at Target. We dawdled around and finally got back to the Electronics area. I approached the girl and jokingly asked if they had anymore Wii's. She said YES, they had one more. They got five in that day and I got the last one! Hooray!

Now my goal is to get on it every day. That with my little pep pill the doctor gave me and not eating so much and look out, Hot Heather will be back baby!

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