Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgon take me away...................

It must just be this week. Actually I think it's been all winter for me but reading other blogs, it's this week. Everyone seems to be in a mood. I know I am and it's not even PMS, it's just me being CRABBY. I am irritated by everything and everyone. OK, I take that back not everyone, just my husband, some people at work, my MIL, and people who cannot drive!

My husband irritates me constantly. This is not one of those blogs where I go on and on about how wonderful he is and our perfect marriage. I am starting to believe that some people who blog are living in their own fantasy world. How is he irritating you ask? Well, for one he is upstairs screwing with all the controls on our new TV while I am trying to watch it. It's a very nice LCD TV and the HD channels come in beautifully. Too bad not all the channels are HD. I have explained to him that some of them aren't as clear because of that but he doesn't listen to me, no, instead he decided to screw with the color and the contrast and the hue and everything else until I got fed up and came down here!

The people at work aren't exactly the people I work with but the people I talk to on the phone. I answer policy and procedure questions for internal clients at the bank I work at. Internal clients means the branches. They don't listen, they don't read their emails, or communications, or directions on anything. Some of them have been there longer than I have been alive! I know it's job security for me but enough is enough sometimes. Especially today when one person kept questioning me about my answer. It was all I could do not to go Eric Cartman on her and scream into the phone "Do not question me, Respect my authoritay!"

My MIL is a different story. I rarely have been irritated with her in the 14 years she has been my MIL. I had been planning to have my big boy's B-day party the Sunday after Easter. Just the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Nothing big this year. I told everyone about it and they all agreed. Now today I find out well this isn't really going to be convenient for her and she talked to my mother about it yesterday and kind of talked her into the idea of having everyone over at Easter to her house and doing the party then.

OK, in theory this is great. We live about two hours away so everyone would have been driving here. Now they just have to drive about 15-20 minutes and we have to go there. It's still irritating. I hate when people pull stuff behind my back. However benign the intentions were, the Monica Gellar in me likes to have control of the situation.

OK, enough griping. I am going to bed and will try and be in a better mood tomorrow. I will try and not let people get to me. Put it in a bubble and blow it away!

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  1. Sometimes it's just good to vent. I hope your week has improved, but if it's like mine, you're probably still waiting.