Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ketchup makes everything taste better!

I am an extremely lucky mama. My two boys have never given me any trouble about eating. I have never been able to understand mothers who have so many struggles getting their children to eat anything other than Chicken Nuggets, or Mac-N-Cheese. When I was growing up we learned to try and eat everything. I don't like tomatoes so no one made me eat them, but I was encouraged to at least try things. My mother never made anything other than what we had for dinner.

My big boy has always liked everything. All his fruits and veggies. Anything I fix. Sure there have been some things he won't eat. He just learned that he does indeed like Rice. Also he likes zucchini and summer squash but not when I fry it crispy in a pan.

My little guy seems to be on that path also. He is 19 months old and will feed himself just fine pretty much whatever I give him. He loves applesauce. He eats it almost every night. One thing I discovered with him is that if he won't eat something right off the bat, I can dip it in his applesauce and he will eat it. The same can be said for Ketchup. We were eating Fries one night and he was eating them plain, so I decided to dip one in ketchup. He loved it. So the next time we ate something that involved Ketchup I just put some on his plate. Wrong move! I set it down in front of him and walked away and the next thing I knew he was eating the ketchup by the spoonful! Now we just dip food for him and he eats it like that. I guess he was thinking it was like his applesauce since he dips food in that too!

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