Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Depressed

I really shouldn't be. I am about 30 minutes from a week's vacation. The boys are on Spring Break next week and we will be hanging around the house then going to my parents for a few days and then Easter.

The reason I am depressed is that my computer picked last night to die. Everything was good Wednesday night. I shut off my PC and the Last night came home and turned it on, but instead of booting up, I got a Dos looking screen that basically told me Windows would not load properly and I could try and boot up in several different modes. I tried each of them and finally gave up and called Dell. 45 minutes and a language barrier later I had nothing. The guy was very nice and had me try several different things but it kept coming back to that initial screen. He thinks my hard drive is shot. There is a possibility that I will not recover all my pictures. I have alot of them on disc but many I just uploaded directly to my PC from my camera. I should know better but you know the old adage; "It will never happen to me"

Personally I think my computer hates me. I had to have it cleaned and reloaded last year because I got a nasty virus, now this. So now I am relegated to the library to use a computer until I get mine fixed which hopefully will be soon. I am taking it to my guy tomorrow. Cross your fingers because being on vacation and having no way to check my Facebook or blog could get ugly. Although I might get lots of other things done, I still will be jonesing for my Dell.

Have a great weekend

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  1. Hope you have a great trip, and that your computer is salvageable. That would be so sad to lose all your pics. If you don't already have a plan to back up your data (from now on) then make that the first thing you do when you get back. Fortunately for me my husband does that for our computers (he's quite the techy wiz), but I find myself thinking about losing stuff all the time. I so hope your stuff is recoverable!