Sunday, April 5, 2009

My three things

They say things happen in Three's, Good or bad. Death often comes in Three's. Bad things, even happy things. In the last month I think I have had my Three. I hope so anyway.

About three weeks ago, our TV died. This wasn't a huge surprise since it had been flickering every time we turned it on for about three months. So we trekked of to Sam's and bought a very nice new Flat screen TV. I love it because our old one was a big behemoth of a machine.

My second thing was my computer. It just decided it hates me Thursday night and I think I need a new hard drive. I will be taking it tomorrow morning. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but that leads me to my third thing.

Friday night I took my oldest boy and a friend to see Monsters VS Aliens in 3D. It was awesome I highly recommend it. But that night at the theater my purse tipped over but I thought nothing fell out. WRONG! My wallet fell out. I didn't realize this until about noon yesterday. I flew up to the theater and luckily they had my wallet and all was intact. I checked with my bank to make sure there were no new authorizations on my debit card and called my credit card companies also. So, I went to take my computer to the shop and just as i had the CPU in there, my son says, "mom your tire looks flat!" Sure enough, it was going there. So this morning, my husband put the spare on it and I went up to Wallyworld and got two new tires and an oil change.

Hopefully this is my three because my checkbook can't take much more!!

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