Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to my Nightmare

I have weird vivid dreams every night.

That is just the way I am.

No, I don't eat anything weird before I go to bed. I hardly ever eat after dinner. My whole life I have had dreams that I remember the next day and can even remember some of the dreams/nightmares I have had since I was little.

Most of the time, my dreams are good, or just weird, involving usually my kids, family or co-workers and sometimes involve things that happened to me or I thought of that day.

Then, other times I have the crazy weird dreams, or more like nightmares. They are bothersome and annoying and stay with me through the day. Some I have had over and over just different variations, and some I only seemed to have at certain ages or times in my life.

Here is a list of my top Crazy Dreams/Nightmares:
1. The Work/School Dream, I am either going to school or work and if it's school I walk in and realize that this is the day of the exam, the last day of school, or I have a project that is due and I haven't been there the whole year. If its work I am usually trying to some task and it's going horribly wrong. Most of the time I dream I am waitressing or bartending and I can't serve a drink or make one or find the table something is supposed to go to. The weird part is I was a kick-ass waitress and bartender and those were my favorite jobs.

2. The dream I have where I am trying to lock doors or shut doors and they won't lock. The person I am trying to get away from is right there on the verge of getting to me. The other version of this dream involves me running away and trying to get away and I cannot move.

3. This is not a pleasant one. Twice now, shortly after the birth of each of my boys, I have had a dream that they have died. They both drowned in each dream. There were similarities in each dream and this was a true nightmare. In my dream I am screaming and sobbing at the top of my lungs and when I woke up I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding. Both of these dreams stayed with me for at least a month after I had them and I was terrified something bad was going to happen.

4. The Wedding Nightmares. Right before I got married I started having all these nightmares. I dreamt one night that I was standing in this little room waiting to walk down the aisle and I realized that I didn't have any flowers in my hand, I didn't have a wedding dress on and my sister was walking me down the aisle. Another one was that once I got to the altar the wrong person was standing there. Every once in awhile I have wedding dreams and I am usually marrying someone else in them. Hmmmmm.......

5. The Making out/Sex with Co-workers. Yeah, I have had quite a few of those. The co-workers involved usually would never be my first choice for a fling but in my dreams I have no problem making it happen. A recent one of those involved making out in the elevator when it was stuck which is funny because our elevators have security camera's in them.

There are a ton more. I think I need to start meditating before I go to bed or something. Clear my mind and them maybe my dreams would be a little more mundane, although some of them I enjoy thoroughly.

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  1. My wife has tons of dreams where she fights bad guys. I just dream about doing the dishes.