Friday, March 13, 2009

Facebook is Evil and it must be stopped

Let me tell you a story. It's about a girl and her computer. The girl used her computer daily. She checked her email. Surfed the Web. Sometimes the girl shopped online. Sometimes she played fun word games online. That was about the extent of the relationship between the girl and her computer.

Then one day the girl receives a phone call from her friend Nicole. They are friends from high school who try and talk a few times a year. During the course of conversation , Nicole happens to mention she is on Myspace, and so is their other friend Nicole, and Jenni and whole slew of friends.

Myspace? Really? Isn't that for children and pedophiles? But Nicole sings its praises and says that it's loads of fun and a great way to keep up with everyone.

The girl is skeptical but gives it a try. It turns out to be quite interesting. All of these people who she hasn't heard from in years are there! Then she gets people from work to go to Myspace and it's even better!

Then one day a friend from work tells the girl about Facebook. "It's just like Myspace" says the friend. So the girl checks out Facebook. She signs up. It's OK but not the same. She finds a few people she knows but you can't make your page pretty like Myspace and you can't add music to play , it's just not the same.

The girl logs in occasionally to Facebook but still is all about Myspace. Then one day she finds out that more of her Myspace friends are going to Facebook so she logs in again. Now she finds her Aunt, and some cousins, and some more friends. She starts playing around, seeing people from school and work and oh, that guy from work she crushes on! Well, this Facebook thing might not be a bad thing. Then the girl realizes by complete accident that you can sit there and have live conversations with other people who are online! You can't do that on Myspace.

As the weeks go by Facebook becomes part of her daily life. What's everyone doing today? Hmm let's log into FB and find out. There are places to just say Hi and Drinks to pass and Gardens to grow and all kinds of stuff that makes it very easy to sit on her computer for hours on end when there are millions of other things to be done.

It's too late, the girl is addicted. At this point, unless there is a 10-step program or detox facility of some sort, nothing will help. All that can happen at this point is hoping the girl will come to her senses and just shut off the computer and stop accepting friends. She is now up to 162 and the list grows daily. It's sad really , she used to be very productive, now it's more mesmerizing to see who is up at 3AM and what the cute guy from work is doing.

It's a wonder she has time to blog!

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  1. facebook is evil. it is the new crack!! well, nicole got me hooked on really it is her fault that we are addicited to this new way of socializing. lol