Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The land of the living

I think we are finally back. Sickness has left our house and we can all breathe again! It started last week with my oldest, he came home last Monday coughing. Spent Tuesday at Daycare on the couch and Wednesday with his dad at the office lying on the couch there.

By that night my baby was pale and running a fever. I spent Thursday home with him feeling progressively worse myself. He wasn't running a fever Friday so I sent him to daycare and went to work. Saturday afternoon we both had fevers again so I took us down to the after hours clinic, not my first choice but what do you do on a Saturday? I was glad I did, it wasn't a bad wait and a very nice doctor was on duty. I have an Upper Respiratory Infection and baby boy had Croup! It was a rough couple days but we made it.

The last of the antibiotics will be consumed tonight and everyone is finally sleeping. the only traces are the lingering coughs and some snot-noses. Now let's hope that was the worst of it until Spring!!

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