Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Under the Wire

I just happened to look at the clock and realize, crap! I haven't started writing yet. and I have no particular thing to write about, no particular feeling so guess what you get tonight?  A verbal assault of my day and how I am feeling.  Ready????

I have got to get this procrastination thing under control.  I have two papers due this week I have barely started.  Both at least 500 words with references, in different formats and one that I have no clue how I am going to finish.  Alas I will because after all I am me and I always get it done one way or the other.

My baby has a fever.  He didn't go to school today and when I picked him up he was so sad and pathetic I wanted to cry.  I did a whole regiment of essential oils on his eschewing the usual Motrin/Tylenol and he is now soundly sleeping (in my bed of course)  There is nothing worse in the world than your children being sick.  You are helpless and hopeful and just praying it's short-lived because after all you have projects due oh and a math test on Wednesday that you have also been slacking about.  (I still blame Netflix for putting on Gilmore Girls)

Pearl Jam is 10 days away and I still don't know who is going.  I have asked two guys to go with me and one never answered me back after initially saying he would go and the other is thinking about it.  Thinking about it??? How do you think about it?  It's  PEARL JAM.  Nothing but nothing makes you feel more pathetic than not being able to find a date to f(*king Pearl Jam.  I joked back in June when I bought these tickets that I probably wouldn't have a boyfriend to go with...well I was right.  Too bad I cant pick the winning lottery numbers. I can't even scrape up a date.  I suck, I am a big ,fat, ugly loser.  

I haven't been able to spend any quality time with either of my best friends in weeks.  It sucks and I need girl time.  I have tentative plans with one of them for Friday night so fingers crossed.  Not being able to talk or see them is making me bat shit crazy and I have started pouring my heart out to the animals in the house.. for real, I am losing it.

I ran a race yesterday and didn't stretch properly afterwards so not my hamstrings are pissed at me and making me pay for it today.  I hobbled all day, my back that was hurt last week feels fantastic but my legs are killing me and I have a running date Thursday (oh don't get excited, it's with my friend Sarah) and I am probably going to slow her down.

Seriously.......PEARL JAM

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