Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, here it is......December 31st...Again..... This year Mama is actually spending it with the hoolies.  We are visiting with some friends, getting our Dance Party 4 on, and just letting the hoolies run wild till they pass out. I have a bottle of Pink Moscato which I am very excited about so should be a good night.

I could reflect on the last year.  It wasn't my worst year.  Hopefully it won't be my best year.  There was happiness, sadness, heartbreak, death, love, new friendships, excitement, devastation and everything in between.  I have many "goals" for the New year.  I will share them with you tomorrow, but for tonight I hope that everyone enjoys themselves, with families and friends, and please be safe no matter what you do. 
If 2012 was not your best year than may 2013 be more pleasant.  Hopefully you all have someone to kiss at midnight, as I will be smooching my two little men!!!

2013 is sure to be an interesting year for me and I hope to share it with everyone!!!!! Until then, thanks to everyone who has checked me out and encouraged me this year! Love you all........Mama

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