Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today started out good. Got kids off to school and daycare OK, had a yummy McDonald's coke. Staff meeting was OK. Then I had a minor snafu with Friend of the Court, who, in my honest opinion does not know their behind from a hole in the ground. I have had to call three times in the last two months to clarify, give information and ask where my file stands but apparently after going off on the poor woman she realized she indeed did not want me in her office and figured out what the issue was and it's taken care of. We'll see, I might actually get child support sometime in 2011.

I don't know why my children won't sleep. Right now it is 10:21 and they are both still awake. They don't get caffeine, they don't get an overabundance of sugar. I know it's still cold out so they aren't getting enough physical activity but still. I am tired of being Momzilla. I am tired of having 1-2 kids in bed with me every night and I am tired of being tired.

Spring has got to here soon. We had no snow and the first day of spring was Sunday and of course, living in Michigan, it snowed like crazy today and we are supposed to have some kind of ice storm overnight. Great, just what we need. My poor car already got hit once this winter and it's all better now and I don't feel like getting plowed by a moron again.

I need sunshine, and lots of it. I am pale by nature and am just about invisible from no sunshine. I could pass for a Cullen right now if you know what I mean.

I have been on Weight Watchers for six weeks now and have lost a grand total of----ready? Two fricking pounds. I haven't been following it to a T but have been doing well and working out and this week I do feel really good and have gotten lots of compliments so hopefully Thursday really shows a difference or I might have to throw a scale at someone.

I am going away this weekend with my sisters and close friend to scrapbook camp, I haven't been in a year and I have not done anything since the last time I went. In fact my stuff is a mess and I have not even begun to pack or sort anything out. But we don't have to be there until Friday so I have plenty of time. I do my best work under pressure.

Supposedly men think about sex all the time right? Like 485,000 times a day or some astronomical figure like that. Well, I think women do to, but most are just too prissy to admit it. I think I think about it as much as men do. Maybe that is just because it's been so long since I have had any (462 days but who's counting) In fact, I think I can be classified as a virgin again.

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