Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bella and Me

So we got a dog.... I guess I mentioned that in my last post.

Evan has been begging for a dog for years and I have wanted one too. My ex had a thousand reasons not to even though he grew up with them his whole life. I knew that when I moved into my new house I would be getting one, I just wanted to kind of settle in first and get the kids used to the house.

Enter my friend Rachel. Rachel helps run a Golden Retriever Rescue. She also works with my sister and knew that I was looking. The first time Bella (formerly known as Diane) was available, I wasn't quite ready. When I thought I was ready she had been placed with a family. I was prepared to wait until Spring when my sister called me one day and said that Bella was back at the rescue because the people just couldn't give her the time and attention she needed.

Did I want her? I wasn't sure so Rachel said I could foster her and if it didn't work out I could bring her back. I decided that yes I did and went to my parents across the state to get her. The boys were with their dad and had no clue I had decided to bring her home. I met her on Saturday and thought she was great, of course Rachel got me kitted out with a cage and leashes and etc. My mom and sisters went right out to Petco to get some toys and would have thought I was having a baby, but these are big dog people we are talking about here.

We have had her for about two months now and have had our ups and downs. She is still a puppy even though she is a big horse. She jumps and chews and has no idea that she isn't a lap dog much to my three year old's dismay. She is extremely attached to me and follows me around the house and sleeps with me much to my nine year old's dismay. There is also the battle of the doggy do going on right now. My oldest swore up and down and sideways he would clean up the yard but it's been a battle. Right now we have snow in the yard and he told me today that he can't find any. Can't wait till it the snow melts.

And last but not least, dog hair. I am pretty sure I have vacuumed up enough to make an extra dog. She isn't even long haired but it's the Lab in her.

My biggest hang-up was crating her all day when I am at work but I also don't want to come home to a bunch of chewed up furniture either. I thought that I could leave her out for an hour or two and did that one evening to come home to a chewed up chair cushion and chewed up box. I am hoping that in the next six months she settles down enough to leave her out more. We are also looking into some more obedience classes. She sits, she stays (occasionally) but we really need to work on this jumping thing. She knocked my little guy down a few times and he informed me he wants to take her back and get a cat. How could not love this face though??????

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