Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Mama

Happy 2011! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I have posted anything. 2010 was a tumultuous year to say the least. What have I been up to this last year? Here is the short list:
Got a divorce
Bought a house
Bought a newer car
Got a dog

OK, I guess that is a short list. But in the short list were a million little things that I did. My decisions were not easy and my life is certainly not easy. It's not so hard being alone because I always felt like a single parent and the only new things I have to do are mow the lawn and take out the garbage.

The hard part is really being the only adult in the house. Only having one income. And even though the decision for divorce was mine, having someone to curl up with at night. Although right now there are usually two kids and a dog in my bed every night.

The easy part is doing things my way, rearranging furniture if I feel like, deciding when to things, jumping up and deciding to do things at the spur of the moment, and not feeling like I have to get home at a certain time. Leaving dishes in the sink, dropping my clothes on the floor and leaving them there until the morning. Blasting the radio as loud as I like. Feeling good about the decisions I made for the day.

I am really no good with resolutions so I didn't make any other than to live my life for myself and my boys. Try and get fit, run a 10 mile race this summer and try and have some fun when my boys are with their dad. Oh and to write, and write and write. I find I am a much happier centered person when I put my thoughts down and I hope you all can come with me for the ride!

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