Monday, December 7, 2009

A Mishmash of Info

So when I started reading all the updates I realized how far behind I am again. A variety things have kept me busy, none of the terribly important enough to not blog.

Thanksgiving was fine. Since I worked late the night before and had to work the next day I cooked. My in-laws came up to our house and it was a quiet day. Owen decided to be a monster when he woke up from his nap but other than that not too bad.

I did a little shopping Black Friday but I waited until about 8:30 to go anywhere and it was fine. My big score was going to Michael's on my lunch and getting Cricut cartridges for 28.88. They had them marked for 35.00 but if you mentioned Joann's was selling them for less they price matched. I got six of them. Merry Christmas to me!

Disclaimer: Any men may want to skip this next paragraph
I went for my yearly and turns out since having a C-section two years ago I am having problems. I have what is called Adenomyosis and am taking hormones to suppress my cycle for the next three months. After that another internal ultrasound to see if they need to do a Laproscopy and "fix some things" Yeah!

OK Men can read now

I had a great weekend. Went to my parents on Saturday and spent the day there. My mom, sister and I took the kids shopping a little while. The boys baked cookies with Grandma and I vegged out! The next morning we went to my other Sisters friends house and she took pictures of our kids for Christmas. We got about three good pictures before Owen abandoned ship and could not be lured back.

After that we had a surprise 50th Birthday party for my aunt. She is going to be on a cruise on her actual birthday later this month so her kids decided to do it now. It was great fun, she was really surprised and it was great seeing family! We then took the kids to see my Grandpa who loved having us drop in and then drove 2 hours back home!

I now have realized that we only have 18 days till Christmas and I have too much to do!

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