Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homework Headaches

Just for the record, on a normal day my 8 year old is pretty great. He usually listens, and helps out, he plays with his little brother, and brings home his Homework folder.

Lately we have been having ZERO normal days. Nothing much has changed, but he keeps forgetting his folder. Twice this month we have had to go back to school to get his glasses. He doesn't take his work/papers out of his bag and gvie them to the teacher (even though she asks for them)

His dad and I are trying to come up with some kind of plan. Yelling doesn't work, we don't want him to feel bad but he needs to start learning responsibility. I am opposed to any kind of reward chart for this type of issue. He shouldn't be rewarded for something that is expected.

He has been writing sentences, but that too is getting old. Finally the other day I went to talk to his teacher, just to make sure there wasn't anything significant missing. Luckily there wasn't but she did say she is having trouble with him and most of the class following directions. (we have that issue at home lately too) She talked about homework detention after school, which is not good since I work till about 5 or 6 and his dad would have to leave work also. The next day his dad took him to school, and they decided he would miss recess and do his homework that he didn't turn in, and at home he would lose TV and Computer privileges that night and the next morning.

Guess what? He brought everything home yesterday! Let's just see how today goes.

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  1. My sister always says you need to find their currency, whether it be TV, their basketball or playing with their friends. Using something they don't care about as a tool won't do anything, but if you start messing with something they love, it will get results.