Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2009 is swiftly coming to a close and in my opinion it can't happen fast enough. In all of my 36 years I would have to say that this year has been the worst. It hasn't been all bad but it seems like it was. Here is my short list:

The Good:
Losing 12 pounds
Getting to see old friends this summer and reconnecting with them
Going to Scrapbook Camp twice with my sisters and good friends
Seeing the progress in Owen's speech
Being able to spend quality time with my family
Going to see Def Leppard with one of my oldest dearest friends
Blogging for the first time and finding new people who share interests with me
Paying off some bills
Learning that I am stronger than I thought and can handle things myself

The Bad:
Losing three girlfriends from high school to Breast Cancer this year
Putting my cat to sleep after 13 years of loyal service
Having problems with my eyes and having to spend about $500 on visits and drops
Homework headaches all year with my 8 year old and being frustrated trying to get him to remember to bring things home every day.

The Ugly:
The complete deterioration of my marriage. I really do not think that anything can repair the damage that has been done or change my mind about how I feel.
A 10 year friendship that came to a complete and abrupt end. I have blogged about this before and sometimes I am over it but still am very sad about it.
Finding that people who you thought you could trust with your feelings and personal information are not the people you thought they were and were just using you for personal gain or their own amusement

I know there are only a few things on my Ugly list but those things consumed most of my year and were the reason this year was so bad. All I can hope is that the changes I am trying to make in my life start working and that the people I know I can depend on will always be there.

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