Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve already. I am still at work for a couple more hours then the craziness starts. I have pretty much all my presents to wrap still since I was working so fervently to get the quilt done for my mom.

Over the next few days we will all be partaking in lots of food, family, and presents. We have three different places to go over the next three days, I know that it can get crazy and hectic going from place to place (like we always do) and sometimes we are more concerned that everything is going just so and not just sit and enjoy.

The one thing I truly enjoy about Christmas is seeing everything through my boy's eyes. This year should be especially fun since Owen is two and really getting into Christmas. They are getting so excited and we are going to bake some cookies for Santa this afternoon and just hang out.

I hope everyone has a truly Blessed Christmas and enjoys the time spent with family!

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