Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get into the Groove

Back to work! Vacation last week and got to spend about five days at my parent's house. It was awesome, my mom was on vacation too! Even though we didn't do anything spectacular it was nice just to be there with people who love you! Went to the casino with my sister and friend and we didn't rake in the dough but had a good time!

Back to school next week! Yeah! Kids are in bed now by 8:30 which is good because it gives me a couple hours to do some things, but in the same breath stinks because I don't get out of work till six all week. It's very hard to be a working mom sometimes! I feel guilty when Evan asks if we can do something as simple as go to the park when there just isn't enough time in the day.

I have to keep giving myself a pep talk to get back into it though. It was very nice just doing whatever for a week. Now it's back to up at 6:30 and dressing up every day, getting kids places and myself to work on time! Then there is the monotony of sitting at my desk, listening to the same co-workers bitch about the same things they were bitching about before I went on vacation! Plus my job is just getting to me. I need more sometimes. I know in a week or two I will be back into it but some days......

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