Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coupon Crazy!

So I totally ripped this idea off of Trina but it is so cute I had to do it myself.

For the longest time I had your conventional coupon holder. The accordion style that you could organize by subject, product, etc. As I started to get deeper and deeper into this obsession of coupons, it became more and more difficult to keep them organized.

I would spent a good 35 minutes in the store just digging for the right one even though they were categorized! Well I perused many a good blogs and sites for coupon organizing ideas and Trina's was the best.

I went down to my local Walmart (although I am boycotting them right now) this was about a month before school started. I bought a Mead Binder. I bought a see through pencil pouch, some pretty pink dividers, that came with some pretty flowery folders, and some baseball card inserts.

**Side note on the baseball card inserts** It took me three trips to Walmart before I could find them. I looked around photo, school supplies, sporting goods, everywhere and the oh so knowledgeable staff kept telling me they were there. I finally found them by the books on an outside aisle.

It took about two days of clipping and trimming and organizing but I finally have my coupons where I can find them. I have places for just Store coupons like Target and Kmart. I have a place for the odd shaped ones. Everything is in its place! It is sooo much easier than the old coupon holder I have! Everything zips up and the only issue I have had is when I had it open and dumped it into my cart. Not a pretty sight but I have learned my lesson!

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