Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts Part II

So I guess I have had this title before, might as well use it again. Nothing specific going on other than the usual.

My Birthday was last week on Thursday. I am 36! the big 3-6. I don't feel 36 and I certainly don't act it. I also was told my several people that they thought I was only 30 so that was good! I have good genes. My parents don't look their age either.

To celebrate my friends and I went to Oktoberfest and got extremely drunk and had a blast, My best buddy Bridget was my DD and although not everyone I really wanted there was there. We had fun! Nothing like beer and Polka!

School is back in full swing and Evan is doing well, Third grade already and he is going to a different elementary in the same school district. Like I figured he has adapted just fine. He knew some kids from playing baseball and has made the acquaintance of one little girl named Olivia who he has informed me gives him her pudding every day!

Little man has officially hit the terrible 2's. The tantrums have begun and he now is not wanting to go to bed at night or lay down by himself for a nap, thinking now is not the time to also wean from Binky!

I got a new camera and I am really digging it, its a Canon Powershot Elph and its super sweet! Will be having lots more pics to post that goes along with my blog like some of the cooler bloggers out here have!

I am tired of working on Total Drama Island. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Don't to me, about me, with me, around me, just leave me alone!!! Enough said.

Tired of living on Total Drama Island! Still waiting for the day I can come home from work and have a relaxing evening with no yelling and fighting. Praying the day comes soon.

I am wondering how much you can obsess about something/someone before you make yourself insane. Thinking I am getting close, although it's a nice change from reality!

Thinking I need to get to bed since morning is right around the corner!!

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