Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pour Some Sugar on Me!

A few weeks ago I went to see Cheap Trick, Poison, and Def Leppard. I went with my friend Nicole, her friend Jodi and my friend from work Beckie. Nicole and I saw Def Leppard together about 17 years ago when we were 19 (man are we old) It was awesome then and we were psyched for this one too.

The original plan was for me, Nicole, and our other girlfriends from High School, Nicole and Jen to all go together, we got the tickets and were ready. Then life happens and plans change and Nicole and Jen couldn't go (BOO) and Jodie and Beckie took their place. About 15 people from where I work were going also so we tailgated and met up and all sat together.
The concert was at DTE (Pine Knob) Which is an amphitheatre. Of course you sit on the lawn, that is where the party is. It was so fun. Cheap Trick was fine. Everyone sat talking while they were on, they were like the appetizers at a wedding, you nibble and chit-chat but everyone is waiting for the main course.

Poison was good. I saw them in high school. Up front. Main row, watching Bret Micheals shimmy down a pole! They were OK, Bret sounded a little hoarse but all in all a good time.

Def Leppard was awesome! The guys sounded and looked great. A little older but still hot!!! They put the concert up on the screens so we who sat in the grass could see them well, by the end we were screaming and laughing and dancing.

Afterwards they were handing out passes to go to some club the next town over to hang out with Poison. We didn't ride with Nicole and Jodie so we got separated in the parking lot, come to find out the next morning they went! They crowded into this club and got to meet Bret Micheals! Nicole was so geeked, and I was geeked for her. Next stop --Rock of Love!!!!!

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