Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Kitty

Last Friday we had our cat put to sleep. Well I had her put to sleep because I took her to the vet. I have had her at least 12 years and she may have been about 13 or 14.

For the last few months she has been acting weird. She was howling at night, and not just at full moons. She was throwing up alot. I could tell it was getting hard for her to climb up and down the stairs and in the last couple weeks she started going outside of her cat box. She had never done that before so it concerned me. The Friday before last was little man's birthday and we were going to the other side of the state for the weekend. I got home and picked her up and noticed that her pupils were not the same size. One was very large and the other was small.

Right away I called the vet but because she didn't seem to be in any pain we made an appointment for first thing Monday.

Monday rolls around and the vet's office calls; my vet is sick, she has kidney stones and they need to reschedule for Wednesday. Tuesday night I get a message that they still don't have a replacement vet and I need to call and reschedule again. They were not open at all on Wednesday so I called Thursday for first thing again Friday morning.

My cat was never an outdoor cat. The only times she ever went outdoors is when we moved and the few times she had to go to the vet. I had to drop off the boys before I went and She howled the whole way to vet. This upset Evan, who I think knew what was coming.

The vet (not the normal vet) and vet tech checked her out and she had lost three pounds since I took her last a couple years prior, and they could tell her eye that had the larger pupil was unresponsive and that there was bleeding. They wanted to do about $258 in tests, and probably would have come back and said there was nothing they could do for her. I talked to the vet tech who was wonderful and I decided to put her down. She just wasn't herself anymore and with the news they gave me I just couldn't see prolonging her life.

I don't think the vet was very happy but too bad because I didn't like her at all and it was my cat. She made a couple of remarks under her breath about doing everything possible. IF my cat had been about six I would have done the tests but they seemed unnecessary and inhumane to me. I was with her when she went and it only took about a minute. I brought her home and we buried her in our backyard. Right now there is a small Cross but we are going to find a nice marker.

The vet tech and the office manager sent Evan a nice workbook home and we talked about it and he put on a brave front until about 10:30 at night. He started crying and of course talking about death, then talking about people in our family who are old, like the greatgrandparents.

We decided that when I am on vacation next week we would pitch our tent and sleep in the backyard with Kitters. I still look for her around the house and my little guy doesn't understand. We are getting a dog in the spring, but Kitters will still be our first pet.

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