Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Random Banter

It's Monday, Yeah!! Not really but just trying to be positive. Why does Monday get such a bad rap? It's the beginning of a new week yet people always gripe about Mondays. They pine for the Friday-Saturday -Sunday back!

This last weekend was a whirlwind, Owen's 2nd birthday was Friday. I took half a day off and finished up shopping for his party and running errands. Friday night we took off for the in-laws. That night I met up with some friends from high school at a local bar. I haven't seen them in several years and it was fun. Two of my friends had gotten married and now they live in South Carolina- they come up in the summer for a couple weeks and at Christmas. There was a small group of us and we had a blast. There was also a table of people that graduated a couple years prior so it was fun seeing them also.

Saturday was baby boy's party, just family out at my sister's house. I will have pictures soon and a funny video of my niece Avery wrestling the dog for a toy. It was nice, he got a lot of Diego stuff and he wanted to take it all to daycare with him today.

Yesterday Evan went fishing with his dad and Grandpa, they caught 43 bluegills of which he caught three and one crappie, then descended on the snack box and ate everything his grandma packed for snacks. We had lunch and the great-grandma's visited and then my brother-in-law came over with my nephew. We don't see them often even though they live about 7 miles from the in-laws. They are just a different kind of folks and it's fine with me if we only see them a few times a year. My BIL didn't bring his "woman" which also was fine because she gets on my last nerve and my very unkind side comes out when she is around.

I have several things I need to get done, including my Great-Grandma's quilt, cleaning my basement and organizing clothes to get ready to put summer ones away and see what is going to fit for winter.

Hopefully this week I get some time to post pics from the Def Leppard/Poison concert we went to a few weeks ago. It was a blast.

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