Monday, August 24, 2009

The best friends are the old ones...

My oldest friend in the world is Christy. We met in Kindergarten and have been friends since. We played together all the time. When my youngest sister was born, Erin and I stayed at her house.

Over the years we have really tried to stay in touch. Months have gone by and then we start emailing again. Our oldest two kids are only four months apart. I went to see her when I was still pregnant, then took Evan over when he was just a little guy. She drove up with Grace to see me and Evan, then her and her husband came up with Grace and spent the day.

The last time I actually saw her other than maybe running into her in the store for a minute was when our oldest two were three years old. She had just found out she was pregnant with her son.

This week I am spending some time at my parents and we finally got together. I took the boys over to her house and we grilled out (well, Chris did) and caught up and the kids had a blast!

It's so weird to see our kids playing together like we did over 30 years ago!

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  1. It was so great spending time with you, and yes, we have known each other forever! We spent so much time together when we were younger, and it seemed we never got the same teacher though! I remember your sister being born. I'm glad that even if we don't see each other every time you visit that we can still have the same friendship we've had since we were little. Love ya!