Friday, June 5, 2009

Just call me Paleface

I am white. Obviously you know that by looking at my picture, but I mean I am WHITE! Although on my dad's side of the family there is some Native American lineage and my Grandpa on that side could be as brown as a chestnut in the summer, I follow my mother's side of the family who are all of Irish/English descent and are PALE!

I can get a tan. On my arms, and my chest, and my back, and the tops of my legs that is. If I want to get tan anywhere else I have to go to into an actual tanning bed. I haven't been in one in almost ten years. The last time was for my sister's wedding, our dresses were sleeveless and I didn't want to scare any small children with my white arms. (It was in March)

Tanning no longer appeals to me for many reasons: Money, time, having to lather yourself up and then think about all the people who laid here naked before you, and oh yeah that pesky little matter of skin cancer.

I have always been terrified of self-tanners. I conjure up memories of girls in high school who often resembled Oompa Loompa's after their foray's in to self-tanning. I remember vividly playing volleyball against one small Catholic school where all of the girls had glowing orange faces. They must have all gotten together and had a little session of self-tanning

Since technology has progressed tenfold I decided to give the ol' self-tanning another try. I decided I would just do my legs. One of the reasons for this is that my workplace finally decided we don't have to wear nylons any longer if we are in a non- customer contact area. I purchases a bottle of the Nivea Self Tanner. It actually looks like regular lotion. you just have to make sure you rub it in really well especially around your ankles and knees. So far it's working OK. I can see a subtle difference and it doesn't look the slightest bit orange. I am keeping my fingers crossed and just sticking to my legs. I can't press my luck!

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  1. I can't tan. I'm so white, that if Clorox knew, they would probably get really depressed.

    None of their bleached whites can even compare.