Sunday, May 31, 2009

Avery's quilt

My niece Avery turned Three this year and I wanted to get her something besides toys and dolls and clothes for her birthday. She has enough of all three, so as I was thinking of what to get her, I remembered my awesome friend Chris (the Quilt-Nazi) had some Olivia fabric.

(Getting ready to cut fabric on left, and the cat putting in her two cents)

If you don't know who Olivia is; she is a cartoon Pig, a little girl who is very precocious and busy. Just like Avery. She started out as a storybook character and now she has her own show on Noggin.

( I ended up doing my own Variation of the Yellow Brick Pattern. I cut Five inch squares and Eight inch strips then pieced them together. I decided to break up the different blocks by sewing long strips of fabric in between)

I called Chris and asked her about the fabric and she did still have it in her private stash. She has an online quilt store, but her own collection of fabric she uses is almost as big as what she sells! She cut me several fat quarters which included about five different Olivia fabrics and about four more of the corresponding backgrounds. She wouldn't take any money for it at all which I am eternally grateful so I only spent about $25 on the border, binding ,backing and batting. I also bought too much of each so I have lots of leftovers to add to my
I also found fusible batting which my novice eyes had never seen before. It worked OK. I still ending up pinning a bit but not bad. One of the women I work with who is an awesome quilter/sewer said she uses the fusible for smaller projects.

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  1. how cute. i love olivia. i want to find someone to make me a quilt using my kids clothes. know anyone who want so undertake that project?