Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twitter Twit

Twitter is one of those unexplained phenomenon. Not sure what the appeal is. Facebook and Myspace are bad enough. You can constantly update your "Moods" or "What you think" on both of those social networks. But Twitter is beyond me. I thought about joining it for five seconds but realize I don't have enough time in the day for what that requires.

This is like some kind of creepy conspiracy keeping everyone glued to their computers because you might miss something someone "tweets" if you run away. I am on the computer enough between work, here and Facebook.

Twitter is annoying. It's one step up from texting because everyone has to read what you do. It has gotten out of hand. I was checking out the Weather Channel last night. Just trying to get some local weather and they kept popping up "tweets" from people on the program. Seriously. People are twittering to TV programs? I mean you sit there and you are watching the Weather Channel and you get the urge to let everyone in the world know you wish it was more sunny in your area?

Have we become such a narcissistic country that we really believe that everyone out there wants to know what we are doing every single moment of the day?

Here is an idea of what it would be like if I were to Twitter:
*Just woke up and hope Owen stays asleep until I get out of the shower/
*Changing Owen's diaper and getting him dressed while yelling for Evan to get out of bed.
*Trying to decide what doesn't make me look fat and still yelling at Evan to get a move on while chasing Owen out of the bathroom or my room
*Dropped the kids off at daycare.., I going over 25, is that a cop ahead?
*Listening to Bob and Tom, but if comedian is annoying listening to music so loud it reverberates in my skull
*Arguing with jackass husband on the phone, why does he like to call me and start fights first thing in the morning
*Pulling into parking lot and look over to see if you know who is here yet either.
*Walking into work and keeping a look out for any questionable characters because this is Flint people
* Going to the cafe to get some water and maybe some breakfast, still on the lookout
*Take phone call after phone call from mind-numbing people all while sounding chipper and upbeat.
* I'm hungry why is my lunch still two hours away?
*God I wish some people would just SHUT UP, annoying freaks!
*I have to go pee
*LUNCHTIME!!!! Going to the cafe to hopefully get some good food
*BORED, even though we are busy my mind is wandering.
*Heart goes pitter-patter when you know who comes by my desk to say hi
* Is it time to go home yet, there are so many things to do at home!
* I wonder what would happen if I was in the elevator with you know who and just decided to lay a hot steamy kiss on him?

OK, you get the gist of it. Annoying. I can't even finish the rest of my day, I get irritated just typing all of this, yet I have seen some twitter posts and this is pretty much how they read.

People, step away from your computers and do some inner reflection. You will make the world a happier place.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoy my lame jokes. :)

    I hate Twitter too.