Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom2Mom Sale

My sister and I were in a Mom2Mom Sale this weekend. For those of you who are not aware of what these are, they are like huge garage sales for just baby/kids clothes and accessories.

I have participated in one before. It was at a good sized church, and I did OK but didn't sell a ton.

This weekend the Birch Run Expo Center had one and it was amazing. For $20 you get your own 8-foot table, plus we paid an extra $3 to have space for a clothes rack. They also have a large item area and you pay $1 to put things like highchairs and strollers and etc and they sell them and then give you your money It's from 9-2 and they charge people $1 admission at the door.

We weren't' sure what to expect. We had tried a garage sale last year and it was pretty dismal. My sister sold a lot of her big stuff but it was rainy and just miserable sitting there for two days!
There were around 85 tables rented and at first we started to feel like it may be too much stuff to have a good sale.

This sale was unbelievable. We had a pretty good spot on a corner and I had of course boys clothes, but very limited 3-6 months and mostly 6-12 months. Plus I brought some toys, my Snugli, my Hotsling and car seat carrier. Holy smokes. I sold nearly everything!!!! The good thing about these sales is they seem to bring out every pregnant woman in the tri-county area. The first sale I had a pregnant woman who had yet to find out her baby's gender bought every white or yellow onesie I had! I made over$160 and my sister made about $220 I went with six totes of clothes and two totes of toys and can put all my leftovers in two totes. I am taking those to a church that gives away clothes to the public.

If you have an abundance of baby/kids clothes I would highly recommend doing one of these sales. They are all over the country. It's going to be another year before I have enough clothes or toys to put in one.

My basement is a little less crowded and I have extra money for my scrapbook weekend in the fall!

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  1. me and my sista are gearing up for our annual garage sale at her house. we do fairly well, because of the location of her house. alot of baby things are out the door this year and toys. the conklin's are downsizing!!!