Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Top Five Answers on the Board

I love Facebook. Have I told you that? It's like one big class reunion and fun time. In the last few months there has been an App that everyone has been participating in and its your Top Five answers on any and every topic you can imagine.

It's so much fun, because in my deluded little mind, I know you want to know what I think!

In honor of FB I thought I would share just a little bit more about me with you! Aren't you excited!!!!

Here is a list of Five things I will NEVER do:

1. Go out in Public in my Pajama's
There is no bigger pet peeve of mine than this. Now, to be fair, you can go to the mailbox in your PJ's. Drop your kid off at school (as long as you don't get out of the car), or run in the dead of night to get cold medicine for an ill child in your jammies. But really, you cannot, I repeat CANNOT go get groceries, walk into your child's school, go to the post office, have lunch at a restaurant, etc, etc in your Pajama's. Have some self-respect people. Put on a pair of jeans and deal with it. NO one, I repeat, No one, wants to see you in your pajama's!

2. Take my children out in public unwashed/or in miss-matched clothes
I know kids get dirty. I have two boys so they just attract dirt. It flies onto their bodies and sticks there until I scrub it off. However, I always, always make sure their hands and faces are clean whenever we go anywhere. Evan has supershort hair and the baby has that fine, curly baby hair that is just a mop so hair isn't usually a problem. I get so disgusted when I see kids in public that are dirty with bedhead. It's all I can do not to bust out a diaper wipe and clean them. Also, my kids are not going to wear cowboy or snow boots in the summer or their bathrobe in public because "they want to". I would never suffocate anyone's imagination or creativity but I am the parent and have the upper hand and plan to keep it! Maybe it's just easier with boys!

3. Text or Use a Bluetooth Headset
I have no use for either. I have a home phone, a cell phone and an email. If you can't get ahold of me using one of these forms of technology, you don't need to! Texting just seems dumb. And no wonder our young people can't spell, if all you do is text using abbreviations or icons then how can you learn to spell or actually speak? Don't even get me started on the Bluetooth headsets. Newsflash: You aren't that important. The hands-free is all good if you are driving, but do you really need that thing strapped to your ear to grocery shop or eat at a restaurant? You aren't going to get some critical phone call that can't be heard or felt when your phone rings/vibrates. Unless you are Jack Bauer, please oh please take off that ridiculous thing. It's like walking around with a bunch of schizophrenics in the world.

4. Talk on my Cellphone in a public bathroom
Really? You need to talk that badly while you are going to the bathroom? You need to talk and pee and let everyone else in the bathroom know what is going on? I am a freak about proper bathroom etiquette, you know flushing and washing your hands and stuff like that so I cannot stand to hear someone talking on their phone in the bathroom. When my phone rings and I am indisposed then I let it ring. If it's important they will leave a message. Plus I can see who just called. Not only is it rude but don't even get me started on how unsanitary that is!

5. Wear clothing that shows off my Bra/Bra straps
When did this become a fashion trend? Did someone resurrect Madonna? Now, I have been known to show a little decolletage now and then. My girls still look nice and with the proper top and undergarment it has a nice effect. But come on! Newsflash to all you young girls and to you women who should know better. If you are going to wear a tank that will show your bra strap then you need to wear a different kind of bra! A nice strapless one or a racer back perhaps. Maybe invest in one that you can modify the straps. You are only advertising one thing and its not good!


  1. I agree 100% with all five! Must be we are related!

  2. i am guility of number one! however, in my defense i was still swollen from my tummy tuck and was stilling wearing my brace, so i felt it was alright to wear my pj bottoms to get groceries.