Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Water, Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Rain. Something I normally like. Rain doesn't usually bother me. I know its a necessity of this world. Things grow when it rains. The grass turns green. It's nice to listen to it on a warm breezy night as you are falling asleep.

The only thing is that sometimes, you get a little too much rain. Like now. We have had an overabundance of rain since Saturday. Enough already.

I live in an old house. We know that when it rains an extreme amount we get some water in our basement. In the almost nine years I have lived here, there have been four instances when it has gotten bad. Well now make it the fifth time and its bad.

So far I have shop-vaced about 80 gallons of water out of my basement and its still coming in. The only good thing is it's not in the whole basement and its not like its ankle deep. Its just annoying. And my house smells, and it's going to take about four more days to clean up. Also nothing got ruined this time because everything is off the floor in the toy room and in plastic tubs everywhere else.

Ok, enough complaining, there are some people much worse off, I just don't need this right now. Saturday my sister and I are doing the MOM2MOM sale in Birch RUn and I have about six tubs of baby clothes to go through and price. Wish me luck!

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