Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ilove my Ipod

Heaven is my new Ipod. Seriously. I finally got almost all my music on it and bought a few more tunes. I have 443 songs and lots of room for more.

I have been thinking about buying an MP3 for awhile. I kept debating on what type to get. Several friends have Zunes. Several have Ipods, and even more have some in-between brands. When the Ipod first came out, a guy I work with ran right out and bought one. He paid $400 for it and I don't even know how many gigs it was. He let everyone ooh and aah over it and now I cannot believe he paid that much.

I bought the 8GB. Pretty, pretty pink. The 16GB was only about $60 more but at the time it was only in Silver and Black. (I am such a girl).

I have been perusing Itunes a lot. Like spending an hour looking for songs. I think I will just buy Itunes cards when I have extra money because just throwing my credit card number out there would just be trouble. I would spend way too much, at least with the Itunes cards you know when you have run out of money.

So far I have cleaned and vacuumed and be-bopped around the house with it. Tomorrow I am taking it to work and plan on walking as long as it is not raining again.

If you see me dancing down Saginaw Street tomorrow don't be surprised. I sometimes lose myself. I can't help it.


  1. yep, once you go mac you never look back! I love my ipod, too. if you like listening to podcasts you can download tons of free ones from the itunes library and put them on your ipod, too. i absolutely love This American Life... great stuff!