Thursday, April 23, 2009

A month's worth of news

I finally have my computer back! Yeah! Also, luckily and thank you to Andy my computer guy, he was able to save all my music and my pictures. Now I know that I will be backing everything up!

My sister is sending me my Ipod UPS. That would be because we are technologically handicapped. I took my Ipod to her house to try and upload music while my PC was being fixed. She then tried to get some of her music on to my Ipod and somehow put all of her music from her MP3 onto my Itunes. I left it there for her to get her music off and she did but still can't get any music on my Ipod. She was supposed to bring it to me Sunday but she forgot it and since we live about two hours apart and I won't be heading that way for a few weeks- she is sending to me UPS.

The boys and I had a good spring break. We spent the first part of the week just hanging out cleaning and playing and going to the library. We went to my parents and sisters later in the week and hung out. Erin and I took the kids to see our Grandpa. He was thrilled to see the little kids and it makes me happy to see him happy. I have several cousins who live in that area that don't ever go to see him and it upsets me deeply. When my Grandma was alive our whole family did everything at their house and now that she is gone some of my aunts and uncles and alot of my cousins only show up at holidays. I know everyone is busy now, but my grandparents supported and practically raised some of their grandchildren. I live 100 miles away and always make it a point to see him when I am home.

Anyway, I had a nice time with my family, and my sisters and mom, and I went shopping and had a great day!

Last Wednesday Evan shut his thumb in the van door. I don't know what he was thinking but it was a a mess, blood everywhere and both kids screaming. It wasn't as bad as I initially thought since there wasn't a need for stitches, but it took a few days to heal up and now his thumbnail is black on the bottom so I am worried it's going to fall off.

I kind of fell off the fit train and have gained back about five pounds, but I am getting back on. I feel crappy and have some kinds of allergy-sinus thing going on but the weather is getting warm and I am ready to get back at it!

I have been quilting and scrap booking more and as soon as my printer is fixed I will have pictures to show. Right now I am making an Olivia quilt for my niece Avery. Her birthday is in a month so I know I will have it done!

Not much else, just the usual but I am ready to get back into the swing of things!

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