Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Updates from a Random week

My little guy is teething. Not such a rare occurrence I know but, he is getting six teeth right now. Four on top and two on the bottom. the big nasty molars and the eye teeth. We are at this minute, very wide awake at 11:18 pm.

I went to the doctor again today. All is good , which is what I wanted to hear. She did however give me a scrip for Adipex. This should kick start my metabolism and energy and hopefully some weight loss. Warmer weather wouldn't hurt either.

I am still bewildered and befuddled on why my friend at work isn't speaking to me. We have been friends way to long for this to happen. I know my big mouth said something to upset her about a week ago but even then there is something going on. The hard part is we can't really talk at work and there just hasn't been the time or the right time to talk. It's upsets me because we talk non-stop most of the time and to just not speak to someone hurts.

I have found even more friend from school on Facebook. It's crazy how a few friends have turned in to almost 150. These are people I have not seen since graduation and i feel like it was just yesterday that I saw them. Even though I pride myself in my excellent memory there are some people who have popped up I just don't remember very well.

I went to the funeral of a dear friend yesterday. Jill passed away after a 10 year long battle with Breast Cancer. She fought hard until the end and even though she knew she was going to die she never lost her spirit. It was a very tough time and even though you knew she was going to die it was still hard.

Nothing much random or exciting but this is my week so far....

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