Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heather and the horrible, no good, very bad day!

This is how I felt by the end of the day yesterday

I meant to post this yesterday but it just didn't happen. Yesterday was a disaster. I woke up late because baby boy is teething and we were up quite a bit through the night. I called work to tell them I should only be a half hour late. My big boy decided he would try and play the sick card, but after going to the bathroom and eating some cereal he decided he was OK. Then big boys decides that he doesn't like the jeans I picked out for him so he will just throw a fit and stomps out of the bathroom and inadvertently shuts his little brothers hand in the door. Now I have two crying kids, big boy is crying because he hurt his brother and didn't mean to and now baby boy is obviously crying because of the pain. Still keeping it together, I manage to get everyone dressed and ready to go when I smelled the dreaded smell of a poopy diaper *Side note* I will never be on of those mothers who drops her kid off at daycare with a poopy diaper* So I get the diaper changed and get the kids in the car and drop baby boy off at the sitters and take big boy to school. He is more than 10 minutes late so I have to walk him in and sign him in at the office. Done, check. Head to work and of course if you live anywhere near the Midwest you know that our weather has been abysmal. I look down and my gas gauge and of course its on E. I haven't driven my car since Saturday so I kind of forgot I needed gas. Soooo, I pull into my usual gas station type place and try and swipe my card in the machine and its stuck. My debit card is stuck in the machine! I take off my gloves and pull it out and it's so flippin cold out that you cant even read the numbers on the screen- so I go in and just have them run my card for $20.00 so I can get this over with.

I slide into work missing accidents and dumb jackasses all the way. I end up being and hour and 10 minutes late to work. It didn't get much better than that. Work dragged, it was colder than before outside, Baby boy was cranky and cried all night till he finally fell asleep, and then being the dork that I sometimes am, I pulled my calf muscle trying to be suave jumping over the bottom step in the basement.

No more days like Tuesday!

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