Sunday, January 11, 2009

What have you been doing all day?

The toy tornado never comes to a rest!

It's the age old question. Husbands go off to work then come home and wonder what their wives could possibly be doing all day. This is especially true if the house isn't clean, dinner not on the table, etc. Well guess what? I WORK ALL DAY. Monday through Friday I work outside of the home and then every evening I do some housework but the majority of it waits until Saturday and sometimes Sunday if I am feeling particularly lazy.

Over the summer I had a week off so you know I had ALL week to just keep the house up! I took some pictures of the going-ons that happen when I am at home with the kids.

Guess what we do? We watch cartoons, and we play and I clean and cook breakfast and I clean some more and I pick up toys and I clean and then I make lunch and do dishes
and do some laundry and we watch cartoons and play, and I do some more laundry and I cook and I clean and play with my kids.

If I am lucky I get to do something I like, like sew or scrapbook or,, get ready- watch something on my TV that doesn't involve singing animals or talking sponges.

But I wouldn't trade it for anything because we have fun and if I don't get everything done, guess what? There is always tomorrow!

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