Saturday, January 17, 2009

But what about what I think

Thursday was the second counseling session. Darren went too. Now before you get all excited and say great, let me tell you he was there against his will. Maybe most men are. He basically told me Monday that he would give in and go , basically so I would shut up about it.

So we went, separately of course because I was coming from work. We get in there and I know she was just trying to get a feel for him but they spent the better part of 20 minutes chitchatting. She asked him why he thought we were there and it he stated because we don't get along and we fight. She asked him what we fight about and he said the basics: kids, sometimes money, him working too much. He admitted that he can bring his job home and that he is little too controlling on some things the kids do.

It was all very light-hearted. A little too much if you ask me. It's not like I was hoping for screaming and yelling and some kicking of doors, it's just that when I went by myself she seemed like she understood and she was on my side. Thursday it was more like we had only been married a year and had no idea what a marriage was supposed to be. She wants us both to read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Seriously, this is why I have rearranged my schedule and been on pins and needles for months now? The whole session was a joke. We go back again in two weeks. My issues are not that I don't think my husband understands me, my issue is that he treats me like crap, yells all the time and seems to be in a permanently bad mood. I tried to say that but every time I did they both looked at me like I was a whiny, petulant child. At least my mom understands me.

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