Sunday, January 4, 2009

100 Things you may or may not know

I have seen this on other blogs, so I think I will play along. I am feeling rather introspective so should be interesting:

1. My middle name is Kaye. It's also my mother's middle name and if I were ever to have a daughter that would be her middle name.

2. I am the oldest of three girls, I love my sisters dearly though sometimes we nearly killed each other growing up.

3. My parents are the best, they have been married almost 38 years and still hold hands, I wish I could have a marriage like theirs.

4. That being said, I have been married for 11 years, and it's a very tumultuous time right now, part of me is already gone but how do you walk away after nearly 15 years with someone?

5. I have two beautiful boys, seven and almost seventeen months. They are wonderful, and I would never change anything about them.

6. I went from Kindergarten to Eleventh Grade to the same school, then my senior year we finally merged with the big bad city school, at first I didn't want to go but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

7. I went from a potential graduating class of maybe 85 to about 400, it was an eye-opening experience to say the least, but I met some of my closest friends there.

8. School was hell sometimes because I was always taller than everyone and I had coke-bottle glasses till ninth grade. My self-esteem was crushed at an early age and sometimes don't think I have recovered.

9. I secretly hope all the girls who were mean to me in school are all fat and ugly now, childish I know but that is how I feel.

10. I worked at Cedar Point the summer of 1993. To say that was fun would be an understatement. I did things that would give my mother a stroke today.

11. I only had two serious boyfriends in my life. By serious I mean dated more than a few months. I had lots of dates, and two- week relationships but never saw the need to have one steady boyfriend.

12. I am still friends with lots of the people I was friends with in school, we are all spread out but keep in touch through Facebook and Myspace.

13. My first job was at Gordy's Twirl Top when I was fifteen. I had babysat since I was twelve but this was my first real job.

14. I worked there every summer till I was nineteen.

15. I have also bartended, worked at a tanning salon, worked retail, worked at a newspaper, jewelery store, and waitressed and been a hostess at a restaurant.

16. I have worked at the same bank for 11 years. It's a good job so I can't really complain.

17. I wanted to be a writer growing up. I wrote for my school newspaper and was on yearbook and even had one paper published in college, but nothing so far. I have all these great story lines and ideas in my head but haven't quite figured out how to put pen to paper.

18. I also would love to be in the medical field. I thought about nursing school, but I would really like to do more forensic work. I guess my dream would be to go work with Dr. G

19. I love to read. That is an understatement. I adore reading, if the book is especially intriguing, I cannot put it down. I also cheat a little, I sometimes will flip about four chapters ahead and read a sentence or two. I don't know why.

20. Right now I am reading the Twilight series and I am hooked.

21. My favorite author right now is Jodi Picoult. She is a master storyteller and I encourage one and all to read her books.

22. I also love music. All kinds. The only thing I cannot stomach is Rap. Hip-Hop is OK but no Rap.

23. When I say I love music, it's a little more than love. I could not live without music. It's always playing somewhere in my house. To me music is like Poetry (which I do not read ) and depending on the mood I am in music can keep me from falling apart or going crazy.

24. I have never been out of the continental US. Sad but true. The only time I have been out of the US is to go to Windsor, woo-hoo.

25. I have never been further east than Ohio, but I have been out West.

26. I had an imaginary friend when I was two. It was Jabber jaws from the Pink Panther cartoons. My mom told me I used to make her set a plate for him.

27. I hope my boys have some of my wild imagination.

28. I am left-handed and only have three other relatives that I know of that share my Southpaw.

29. I like sports. I know crazy huh? But my dad is a sports fanatic and with three girls it had to rub off on one of us. I still watch Baseball and Football and Basketball, and even some Golf just because it's familiar to me.

30. I met one of my boyfriends by going to a baseball game with my dad. He was a bullpen catcher for the team we were watching and he was adorable. The place they were playing at was building a new stadium and one night we snuck into the new stadium and made out on the pitchers mound!

31. I tallied it up one day and I think I have kissed about 54 guys. That is kissed! Nothing further.

32. The best was the guy at number 30, I can still feel the butterflies and the worst was this guy named Don who was one of the hottest guys I had ever met- it was terrible, he was all tongue, like kissing a dog!

33. I have a tattoo on my hip of the sun. I got it when I was nineteen and I want another one.

34. My dad has no idea that I have a tattoo.

35. I love Black Cherry Ice cream, Mint chocolate chip runs a close second.

36. My favorite think to drink is Diet Coke, if I don't have one every day I get very cranky.

37. I have a very very very good memory, I swear I can remember my great-grandma and I was 2 1/2 when she died.

38. I have a very large extended family. I literally know all of my 1st, 2ND and 3rd cousins, and my great-aunts and uncles!

39. Family is very important to me. I put my family above all else and we are very close. It's not unusual to drop what we are doing if someone is ill or needs help. That includes extended family!

40. Once when my Grandma was in the hospital there were about 45 people taking up both waiting rooms and spilling into the hallway.

41. My best memories growing up are the ones I spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Powell's. No TV usually just some old time country music playing and sitting at their dining room table with my grandparents and aunts and uncles just listening to everyone talk.

42. I loved spending time with my Grandma and Grandpa Pennington too but they lived in Florida part of the year and then in sixth grade the moved there permanently.

43. Every spring break we would trek to Florida to see my grandparents, always driving. We never stopped to see anything because my dad always wanted to get there!

44. I think this is how I developed my love of old people. My grandparents first just lived in then managed the senior citizen trailer park and I would go along with my grandma to visit people. It was fascinating to me to hear all their stories about growing up and it also made me sad to think they sometimes had no one to visit them.

45. I am very emotional most of the time. I always have been.

46. I sometimes cry at the drop of a hat, my dad would just have to raise his voice growing up and I would fall apart. not that he was mean, but that is just me.

47. I am very bad at hiding my thoughts, I would love to see my own face sometimes because I know I have no poker face!

48. Anything can make me cry, movies, commercials, music, emails! I get this from my mom and we have all sat in the living room and boo-hooed over a TV show.

49. My father is one of the kindest people I know. I cannot even tell you how much I look up to him and hope my boys can be just like him when they grow up.

50. My mother is wonderful. She is very loving and she has always been a good friend and role model. She taught us girls to be strong, sometimes too strong.

51. I miss my Grandma Powell so much. She died nine years ago and it breaks my heart to know that she didn't get to see my kids.

52. I miss my Grandma and Granpa Pennington too, they have been gone for awhile and I can still hear their voices and smell the Redman Tobacco my grandpa used to chew.

53. I worry about things way too much. I wouldn't say that I am a nervous person but when something is on my mind I tend to obsess.

54. I have an overactive imagination which doesn't help when I obsess.

55. My mind never stops, I could never meditate or do yoga and really concentrate because I cannot slow my mind down enough.

56. I remember my dreams every night. They are always very involved and vivid. I can will myself to dream about people or things sometime.

57. I believe in God but I have lots of questions. I also deeply believe in Angels and think that everyone has their own guardian angel.

58. I also believe in ghosts and sometimes vampires and other monsters.

59. I believe in miracles and things that cannot be explained.

60. I love ketchup but hate tomatoes.

61. I never liked cantaloupe until I had my first child.

62. I love food but sometimes it doesn't love me.

63. I had my tonsils out when I was 8, then I had my appendix out when I was 28 and my gall bladder out when I was 31. I had a child removed last year.

64. I hope I don't have to have anything more taken out anytime soon!

65. I think I have a good sense of humour and I like people around me to have one too.

66. I am extremely sarcastic, I have no idea why.

67. I like to talk , alot, but I like to listen too.

68. I am very intrigued by other peoples lives, how they grew up, what their family was like.

69. I get distracted and off task easy but I think its just part of being a busy mom and having to multi-task.

70. I hate it if I think someone I care about is mad at me or upset with me about something.

71. I want to be somewhere warm, its about 10 degrees outside right now and I wish I was in Hawaii.

72. I love to fly, not on my broom but on an airplane. I have flown about 5 times and its been dicey but I love it.

73. My sister Erin and I went to Las Vegas by ourselves a few years ago. neither of us had been and we only had a couple days but it was a blast. I really want to go back.

74. One of my favorite places to go was Seattle. My best friend Angie lives near there and it's just an incredible place to be. I have been obsessed with Seattle since the birth of Grunge!

75. My dream vacation is to take a month and go to England, Ireland and Scotland.

76. I am Irish but also English and German on my mom's side.

77. My Great grandma on my dads side was part Cherokee Indian and I got none of that, I am as pale as they come and burn easily.

78. I have only had four vehicles in my life. An AMC eagle that was a nightmare, a Ford Mustang which I loved, a Chevy Cavalier that was a good little car, and a Pontiac Montana that is I currently drive and is an OK car but was not put together right electronically.

79. I like to think of myself as creative.

80. I love to scrapbook and make cards.

81. I recently learned how to quilt and am obsessed. I love Fabric, I visit Joanne's and Hobby Lobby just to look at fabric.

82. I can't do anything straight to save my life, even with a ruler.

83. My Grandma Pennington taught me how to cross-stitch but could never teach me to crochet or knit. I wish I knew how.

84. I am a night owl. Growing up I would stay up as late as possible and loved to sleep in. I still do but kids make that impossible.

85. I like things my way. The one bone of contention in my household is that I want to make all the decisions about my kids.

86. I have an obsession with lipgloss, and chapstick and lip balm. I have tons of it and always want to buy more.

87. My favorite smells are Lilac, Baby Powder, Pumpkin and anything that smells like the outdoors.

88. I spend too much money, I have really tried to reel it in lately because it can get out of control really easy.

89. I try and never buy anything unless it's on sale. Coupons are my friend, I hyperventilate if I forget them when I grocery shop.

90. I have an incredibly huge crush on a guy at work. I know that is so inappropriate but I can't help myself. It's been like two years now, and its not getting any better. I am pretty sure he is clueless but enough other people know so maybe not.

91. He seems like the kindest, sweetest person I have met in a long time. A genuinely decent person. That me be part of the issue considering my situation right now. He isn't married either and that still doesnt make it right.

92. I am very punctual, mostly early though I have my moments.

93. I am very intrigued and interested in history. American History , World History, Art History. I sometimes think I could have lived 100 years ago but then I look at my toothbrush and running water and come back to reality.

94. I hate reality TV, it's gotten completely out of hand and hokey and long for the days of the sitcom.

95. I do however love shows like Jon and Kate, because they are more realistic.

96. Part of me thinks no one will ever read any of this but who cares? I do, but at least I am trying this.

97. I do not feel 35, nor do I act 35, I dont really think I look it most days except when I get no sleep which is alot of the time.

98. I have a huge self-esteem issue- I can honestly say that most days I don't like any physical thing about myself at all. My parents always told me how beautiful I was but I have never ever felt that way.

99. That said every once in awhile I catch a glance of myself in the mirror or in a window and think she is kind of pretty.

100. I think I am a good person, I really try and want to be a better person so I can be as good of an example for my kids as my parents were for me>

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  1. This is soooooo much harder to do than I thought it would be. I'm only on #46 or something lame like that.