Saturday, January 3, 2009

HI-DEF Resolution

Happy New Year! It's three days into 2009 and I think I should come up with some resolutions. I have never been big on resolutions, only because I think resolutions can come at any time of the year. I usually try and change something or try something new anytime during the year, but because 2008 basically sucked I think I will try and start this year anew, with goals that I can work towards and possibly achieve. Also I think that if someone out there actually reads this and knows what I am doing I will stick with it better.

#1 Lose Weight-- What's new, I always am trying to lose weight, but right now I am so disgusted with myself that I have to do something. I resolve to eat better, try and get some sort of exercise and be healthier. It's not that I eat too much, I just either don't eat at all then eat crap, or just don't get enough healthy stuff during the day. With the addition of the Wii I am hoping to also find the Wii fit to get my butt moving!

#2 Be Happier-- So this one is going to be a little harder, it's not that I am unhappy, I have beautiful children, a good job, blah blah blah, but most of the time I am truly not happy. I smile and I laugh and I am not going to throw myself in front of a bus, but something needs to change. I have an idea of how to be happier but we will keep that for a later post.

#3 Find inner Peace-- Ok so kinds of sounds like number two right? Well this one is a little different. I need to find balance in my life, my inner peace and happiness. This may come in the form of going back to church. It's been a REALLY long time since I attended Church regularly and I think I need to get back into the swing of it. I know some of you laugh at this because I am probably one of the least people you would think would be into that, but I find myself more balanced when I go to church. Not sure where to go though, I was raised Baptist, most of my friends are Catholic and I know enough about Catholics to know you don't just show up and start going. I think you have to pass a test or something! See- this is why I don't go to church, I am too much of a smartass! Anyways.

So three little things that I think will help me, because let me tell ya brothers and sisters, I need some help.

So until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the sky, I am Casey Kasem, wait no that's not me, so Buh- Bye

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