Friday, October 24, 2014

I hear convents are fun places

This dating thing sucks,  I am not even kidding around a little bit.  It's hard enough just meeting a guy, a decent guy who you are sure isn't some weird serial killer freak.  Then comes the figuring out when you can meet because you most likely both have kids.....young kids who you are not going to leave alone and hell no I am not paying for a sitter for a first date.

You chat, you text , you think...hmmmmm this guy seems cool.

Then you meet, have a few drinks, maybe dinner and chat. You laugh, vaguely flirt, tell horror stories of past bad dates, you think  OK, I can get on board with this. You either have a good time or feel like you are on an interview.  Let me just tell you if the date ends in an hour and a wasn't good.

I have been on some great dates.   I have been on some where I have considered sending an SOS where someone is dying and I have to run out. I don't want to date 100 guys to find the one for me, I hate sorting socks and matching them up, I don't have the patience for this nonsense.
You know what's hard? Meeting people.   OK I go to school, and that means most guys there could nearly qualify as my children or are as old as my dad.  Church...that is a good theory and you would think that the size of my church would mean finding a guy to date.....wrong.  They are all married....or too young or too old. Jesus obviously doesn't want me to meet a man there.

So you turn to being set up by well-meaning friends, running into old boyfriends and thinking....oh hell no, never mind not again, OR the wonderful world on internet dating where, as in the real world men think they are going to meet a supermodel who will do their laundry. You may as well set yourself up in a glass case in the middle of town and let people ogle you.

I don't want to date.....I just want to meet a decent, fun, fairly attractive guy. 

OK, what I WANT I can't or shouldn't have because I keep meeting and liking the guy who just isn't emotionally available.  The guy I want to save, the damaged guy.  OR the guy who gives me the "I don't really want a girlfriend right now" line.  That guy I want.  I need to be hit over the head with something heavy. I mean I know I want to save the world but I need to stick with orphans and children and stay away from grown men with their heads up their asses

Most days I don't want a boyfriend... I feel stupid saying it, I'm not 15.  What I want and need is  a Man who knows what he wants. Anyone know where I can find one of those????

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