Sunday, October 5, 2014

Run Heather RUN

I have to run tomorrow.  I have to get up at 7:30 which is actually sleeping in compared to my summer races and get layered up and freeze my patootie off until I actually start running.  I paid money to do this.  My payoff? Beer and pancakes at the end.  Oh and running with my awesome cousin Amy who is also running the Chicago Marathon next weekend.  Seriously.. a whole marathon so what am I bitching about? 

I have sucked rocks at running this year.  I've done a handful of races and slacked with my weekly training.  My zeal for running is fading with no explanation.  I literally cannot make myself go out and do it most days.  I work out.  elliptical, cross-training, weights, biking,  but not running.  I got on the treadmill the other night at the gym and stood there for a full two minutes, hand hovering over the ON button before I jumped off.  What the? 

I think part of the problem is I no longer have anyone holding me accountable.  A few years ago we had this cool little group of us running weekly, doing race after race and now we have lost track, gotten busy and no one is pushing anyone. At this point I need a hot guy to show up at my door and pull me down the road to get me out of this house and run.

So tonight, for inspiration I did what any self-respecting woman would do, I  bought some new running clothes...revamped my playlist... looked at pictures of myself when I first started running and realized how I will never let myself be that fat again...danced around the house trying to get myself mentally geeked for freezing my ass of in the cold.  Beer and and and pancakes.   And this picture of Ryan Gosling....I will just pretend he is there waiting for me!

The only mistake I made was drinking a grande non-fat caramel macchiato at 7:30 tonight.

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