Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Six already?

My baby is 6 today. It's hard to believe since I can remember vividly the day he was born.  The trip to the hospital, the pain of the contractions, the look on the face of the nurse as she watched my contractions on the monitor.  The urgency in which he was delivered, cord wrapped around his neck, skinny and long and healthy.  That wasn't my first scare with this kid.

Back up about 8 months.  I had taken a test, it came back positive but I didnt' feel pregnant.  I called my doctor and did the official test and yep, I was preggers.  Since I wasn't sure how far along they did an ultrasound and some more tests.  He looked like a coffee bean on that screen, at eight weeks, wiggling around.  I was excited and freaked out.  I wanted another baby but things on the home front were not well.  When the Doctor told me my Progesterone level was low...probably too low to maintain the pregnancy I just stared at him.  He repeated it. "This probably won't be a viable pregnancy"  How could that be? I saw that little bean wiggling around on the screen.  the look on my face must have been enough for him because he immediately put me on Progesterone inserts (I'll save you the gory details).  So for the next two months I hope and prayed and grew this little bean in my belly.  When I finally felt him kick for the first time I was more than overjoyed.

When he was born I just felt like there was a reason he was put on this earth. From the beginning when I was told I probably wouldn't stay pregnant with him to the end when I was being rushed into the operating room for an emergency C-section, I felt that he was going to be something special.  And he is.

He was my easy baby.  Where his brother was clingy and needed to be held, I could put him down and he was content.  He didnt do everything as fast as his brother but when he did them it was with style.  He army-crawled. He ran instead of walked.  He was a ham from the get-go.

He is a comedian and dramatic.  He has no indoor voice.  He can be very demanding.  He is extremely affectionate.  He dances like crazy.  He loves The Beatles.  He can read like crazy already.  He is quite the ladies man.

I know that some mothers say they love their children equally but they are big fat liars.  I don't love one child more than the other but I don't love them equally because they aren't the same person.  I love them for completely different reasons and I love them both because they are my boys. 

Happy Birthday Owen, I love you because you are you!!!!

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