Friday, June 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thursday is almost over so I guess I need to hurry and do this. I told myself I was going to keep this up and post more often and make people laugh and be more introspective and work on my literary skills...and I haven't. Anyway....Thankful Thursday has been a far and few between and normally I reserve this post for a person in my life but today I guess I really need to take a step back and just be thankful for things in general.

The truth is, I haven't felt very thankful lately. I have felt frazzled, and overly-emotional, and just frustrated with life itself. I can't get ahead, I can't get any sleep, I can't get organized and I can't get my kids to stop fighting. I feel like a terrible mother half the time (let's save that topic for another post). I feel like there is something I am doing wrong. But then I think, I chose this life. I chose to be a single mother, one on income, trying to raise two rowdy, crazy boys to be respectable, respectful gentleman, so I can't really complain right???? No matter how tough my life seems, I can know that I am doing it how I want it, and don't have to worry aobut being told that I am doing everything wrong. I can leave dishes in the sink if I want, I can not fold the basket of clothes at my feet until tomorrow. I can do whatever I want. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and if I screw it up I have no one to blame but here is my list of Thankful things today

My boys - the heat this week - the food in my fridge - my new church and the wonderful people there -losing a tiny bit of weight this week - people who make me laugh - the cool chicks I met last week - a new book that came in the mail today - being called beautiful this week by someone who wasn't a family member -the prospect of good things to come -  and last but not least the fact that my four year old finally conked out and went to sleep.

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