Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three day blur

Why do three day weekends go by so fast? They all so start out nice and easy then before you know it you are driving home in traffic with 10,000 other cars all racing to get home, cars unpacked, fall into bed then get up and go into work the next day.  Let me be clear: I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW..  I need an extra day to catch up on this three day weekend and we were only gone away from home a little over 24 hours.  I should be in bed snoozing and of course I am not.  I will be crabby and cranky and tired in the morning, but it will be Tuesday which is closer to the weekend than when I start a normal week.

Avery and her Minions
 Owen is done with preschool, so it will be full days at daycare for him, to which he replied: "I don't want to take naps!"  I don't want naps either because without them he falls right asleep at night.  Tonight they fell asleep well but why wouldn't they have?  We had a very busy weekend
Watering Grandma's flowers
  • Birthday party for a cute little 3 year old on Saturday.  Lots of swimming and running and swimming and cake and ice cream
  • Church Sunday morning with a trip to the toy store after to "look around"
  • Drove across the state that afternoon
  • Played at Grandma and Papa's while Mama went shopping with Grandma (Mama got a new top and some yummy lotion from B&B Works-thanks Grandma)
  • Cookout later 
  • Ice cream on the way out to Aunt Erin's
  • Playing till bedtime with Avery
  • Awakened at 6:45 by the little ones (BOO)
  • Evan went target shooting with Uncle John, (Best BIL Ever!!!!)
  • Avery's Bday party - rescheduled from Sunday because she got the flu
  • Driving back across the state

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