Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Seriously, where did all of this technology come from.  Four years ago I was just a girl with an email address.  Then came Myspace.  Signed up, looked around, prettied up my page with music and pictures and a cute background.  Then someone says "join Facebook", so I do and at first I wasn't that impressed, but soon became entranced with the cooler, hipper older brother of Myspace.  A couple of years go by and now we have SmartPhones.  My first one wasn't much, I could get online but not much else.

Then last year I got a phone like all the other cool kids.  Now there is texting (which I will admit I thought was stupid) and Words with Friends, and yes, even Twitter (again, great big hypocrite right here, go back far enough and you will read a post about the evils of Twitter) .

Now, Now Now they bring out Pinterest.  Serious crack cocaine for grown women.  How am I supposed to work during the day?  I have Facebook to update and peruse, Tweets awaiting my attention, WWF people getting angry because it's my turn, Texts, Im's and emails.

I know I need to just put my phone down and not look at it, not log on to Pinterest and just focus, but alas I cannot, I am worse than a crack addict and I have no problem admitting that.

I do have my limits, I won't look at my phone when driving (usually), when checking out at the store (rude) or when in the bathroom.

I got lectured by my father the other day.   I was in his office watching a basketball game with him and texting a friend at the same time.  He had my attention, we were talking and watching the game but he still lectured me to put my damn phone down.  I may as well have been 15 again.

Is there a 12 step program for SmartPhones??? And does anyone really use MySpace anymore???


  1. I totally agree! My blackberry is never out of my reach, pinterest is an obsession, WWF is a domain where I rule all, and facebook probably knows every aspect of my life. It just isn't sane.

  2. This is great, but now you have me reading your damn blogspot too. ;-)