Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I wouldn't be caught dead in

I have never claimed to be a fashionista.  I like to dress nice.  I like to look nice.  I love to watch What Not To Wear and either pretend I am Stacy London because she always looks fab!

I like to look at what people wear at work  I sometimes cannot believe some of the clothes that people actually wear.  I often wonder if they have mirrors.  They may not know how something truly looks. I'm not trying to be mean but so many people just don't wear clothes that actually fit!  Even skinny girls wear clothes that just hang on them!

After careful consideration here is a list of things I would NEVER wear:

MOM Jeans- you know those high-waisted ones
Anything with a puppy or a kitty or any animal
Anything with fringe
Or Glitter
Or sparkles( the only exception is my cute Reindeer Tshirt that is black and the reindeer is in sparkles)
Leggings (unless you weigh 95 pounds, leggings are out)
A Christmas Sweater or shirt
Pajama's in public ( The only time this is acceptable is if you are running to store and 3AM for medicine)
A shrug (They just don't make any sense to me)
Flowery clothes (one or two flowers are ok but anything more than that looks like curtains)
A top that isn't long enough so that when you sit it rides up and the world can see your undies
Velvet (enough said)

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