Thursday, January 21, 2010

To the top

Some days are carefree.  Some are slighty stressful.  Then there are others that hit you over the head and drag you under a bus.  That was my day today.

To say that the tension at home is thick is the biggest understatement in the world.  I am still being supermom for the boys but the rest is just in the crapper.

Work is crazy. It always is because its tax time and of course every Tom, Dick and Harriet are screaming for thier 1099's, 1098's and everything in between and as much as we would like to think something goes off like a hitch, well yeah.  Probably thousands of them have to be corrected.

To boot my grandfather is in the hospital and facing some very serious surgery tomorrow.  I took the day off to drive across the state to see him for a few hours before the surgery and am staying overnight.  And it is to be said that my family cannot get through a hospital visit without turmoil and near bloodshed.  I am sure there will be no less than 25 people there tomorrow and hopefully no one takes a swing.  But I guess if they do, we are in the right place because medical attention will be right there.

Plus I found a marriage counselor today even though I told the boy's dad to find one.  We don't go until the 11th and I am just praying every day I can make it that long without going crazy.  I don't really think this will change my mind but a judge will make us go once I file so what the hell.

All I can say is that first thing I will be dropping off the boys at daycare and spending at least two hours with my Ipod plugged into the car and a nice big cappucino!

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